Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Albuquerque New Mexico Trip

Back from Albuquerque- I went out there to help a friend of mine get some things in order. I got a chance to go up to the Sandia Mountains and do some quick running. The elevation I was at was around 5100 feet.  Since I started running I always wanted to run at higher elevations to see how much it would effect me. You can definitely feel a difference while running.  The terrain was excellent for trail running- kind of like sand but with very fine small rocks. I got a little nervous because there are Mountain Lions all around up there and I figured I must look like a big cheeseburger to a hungry lion so I did not venture to far. 

The landscape is beautiful but I still have the feeling that there is no place like home. I used to resent that 'home' was NJ, but I have come to appreciate my home. We have mountains, beach, trails, cities, all within an hour of driving. For Diversity, you just can't beat my home!

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Lisa Michelle said...

Lovely, just Lovely!