Friday, November 21, 2008

Marathon this sunday!

I don't like posting without pictures but today I have no choice! I went early this morning to spend time with my brother at Magee Hospital before going over to the Philadelphia Convention Center for the marathon expo

I wanted to take some pictures and post them on the blog but did not necessarily want to carry an SLR over to Philly for just a few shots. I grabbed my daughters camera, a point & shoot. Of course there were no batteries in it, so I took some batteries out of my one flash (since all my other batteries are charging) I put a new CF card in and off I went.

I did take some pics of my brother at the hospital and showed him how much weight he had lost. When I got to the convention, I took my camera out and turned it on and it died right there! Ugh! Oh well- 

So anyway, this sunday I am going further than I have even gone before twenty six point two miles! I have some successful long runs and not so successful long runs , but I feel confident that I will make the whole course on sunday.

One of the things I saw at the hospital was the Magee Eagles, a quad rugby team. They are actually playing a 3 day tournament this weekend in Deptford NJ. I wish I could go see them- i have been wanting to but this weekend is going to be too crazy!

See you in 26.2 :)

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april said...

Wow! Good luck!! My little sister is running her first marathon in December in Vegas...