Friday, July 25, 2008

We were away until today at my Friend Trudi's house in the Pocono Mountains. She is putting together a website to rent her house out and asked if I would go and take some pics.  The house is on a private drive and is right on a lake. They have a few boats that you can use to scoot around. I used the canoe and my 100-400 on a tripod to stalk the great blue heron- I was so scared that I might flip the boat and fall into the water with my camera gear- Yikes! I was able to get so close to the big bird and really did not need all 400 mm's to get the shot. I would come out in the morning and see this buck grazing across the lake everyday.  There are all kinds of song birds singing and flying around all day long. I even had a beautiful little hummingbird fly right next to my head (he was trying to get to the feeder Trudi has out for him) I stayed perfectly still and he was about 8 inches from me for a split second- wish I had the camera out then!
Anyway- the house is being rented out. If you want the contact info just give me a shout and I will forward that to you. I will also post a link as soon as their site is live.

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