Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mayumi & Jonathan Engagement Session in DC

Today I did Mayumi & Jonathan's Engagement session in Washington DC. We started off at the Jefferson Memorial and made our way past the FDR Memorial and onto the mall. It was my first time going through the FDR Memorial. DC is a really cool place. I can't wait to come back with my family in the summer!
The Cherry Blossoms were all in bloom and aside from the cool temps, it was a really nice day.


sohobutterfly said...

Great shots, Rob. I especially like the one of them pretending to be part of the statuary, and all the cherry blossoms (just beauuuuutiful!).

Emily said...

Ha! Rob .. I was going to leave a comment for Mayumi about how jealous I was that you took her engagement pictures... but then I realized this was your site. so... I'll tell you.. I'm sooo jealous that she was able to use you to shoot her engagement pictures! ... they are awesome.